Thursday, September 11, 2008

The one with the Samford slaughter...

Well Faulkner opened it's season with a 62-0 loss to Samford University. As heartbreaking as the game was, we had a wonderful time!! Izzy and Adam decided to do the weekly tailgating ritual, so they headed to Birmingham around 10am (about 2 hours later than planned). Lindsey and I headed out about 10:30 to take Maddox to my parents house...the first time I left him for this long!!! I teared up a little, but got better! :) We had to stop for gas, and the gas station attendant didn't know ANYTHING about how to help me when the pump wouldn't go!!! He finally said just try another pump, and so we wen't to another station all together!! We got some gas and then were called by Izzy and told to get a power strip (#1 forgot item), and then got a little lecture about how late it was and the fact we were still in Montgomery. Thank you Lindsey for taking this call! :) We went to Wal-Mart, got the strip, and were on our way. When we got to Birmingham, we realized we needed a can opener to open the baked beans! (#2 forgot item) All was good until I started making the rotel dip and discovered I had forgotten the rotel cans at home!! (#3 forgot item) Big Thanks to Taylor, Neil, and Ashley for getting these items for us! After all that, the meal was on! We had a crowd all day, and had a blast. It feels like work to get all this together, but it is so much fun in the end! We can't wait until Huntingdon!!! Go Eagles! A few pics to share...

A small shot of the admissions/alumni tent with free drinks and chips...hey Joey! :)
A shot of our tents and the crazy people who wouldn't get out of the know, we were threatned to have the police called on us because we were in the "road" of the parking lot!! :) Those Faulkner people are so rowdy!!
Some more views of our tents

Ashley being a ham...

David Hilyer and the boys playing the football in the "restricted road"!! :)
(it's always the president's kids you have to worry about! :)

Izzy was so excited when he saw it, that he jerked the camera when he took the NER lost to Samford!

Izzy and I at Loco's after the game

Lindsey and I at Loco's after the game...we were tired!!!

Until next time....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The one with Gustav... another beach trip, and another hurricane! I don't know what it is about us and the weather! We went this time with Izzy's parents to Destin, and we had a blast!

This is Maddox in his first "sink bath"! Mrs. Bobbie brought her fold up baby tub, but water kept coming out of the hinges, and he was just too big for it. We tried this, and apparently he likes it!

This is our footprints in the sand...guess how much greif I got from Izzy on this one! :) It did turn out cute though!

Here is our favorite restaurant in Destin!

He obviously like the float better this week!

And something was too funny!!

We may get to try the beach one more time this season...but believe me, we will check the weather (to make sure there IS a hurricane!! :) Until next time...